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(More than 500 articles about tongkat ali and better physical relationships in general)

Thai Tongkat Ali Micronized 1:100 Extract / 100% Organic, 400 Capsules @ 300 mg

Tongkatali.org's Thai tongkat ali may not be as potent as our Indonesian tongkat ali extracts, but our Thai product still is tongkat ali, and not the common run-of-the-mill fake

Superior, estrogenic activity avoiding packaging

Shipped free worldwide (including USA) from Thailand

The order will be shipped from Thailand by airmail or, where available, by ePacket. Tracking is provided. Shipping to most parts of the world takes about two weeks. If more than 1 bottle is ordered to avail of discounts, the bottles are shipped one-by-one about a week apart. This method avoids customs inconveniences. We always guarantee the arrival of a shipment.

If a customer has purchased retail products from us directly for more than 1000 US dollars, he or she is entitled to wholesale privileges and will receive free double quantity on any subsequent purchase.

PayPal: 1 bottle (400 caps), 85 USD

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PayPal: 4 bottles (1600 caps), 216 USD

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So, how do we get into the ranks? When we launch new products on Amazon, they sometimes have ridiculously low prices. Ridiculously low prices for quality products generate sales even when these products rank low.

Once we have sales, the ranks go up... and so do prices. This is a gradual development. Every few sales, our prices go up, normally by 5 US dollars, until a product achieves a decent rank. When that happens, the prices are equal to those on Tongkatali.org.

Tongkat ali and the necessity of testosterone control

By Serge Kreutz

The world has a testosterone problem, but the problem is not declining testosterone levels of aging men, ameliorated by tongkat ali. The problem is uncontrolled testosterone in young males.

Tongkat ali is not for young males. Tongkat ali, and a tongkat ali stack, is for mature men with reduced libido. We are glad if we can be of help.

Adult or mature men usually have a strong sense of responsibility. They often are the head of a family, and good husbands and intuitive lovers.

These are qualities that young males (boys, youth, adolescents, young adults) usually do not possess.

Nowadays in many parts of the world, male youth are an unruly lot.

It used to be, in Europe up until about 100 years ago, that male youth were heavily disciplined. In some parts of the world, like rich Arabic gulf countries, male youth are still heavily controlled. But in much of the world, especially the Western world, it feels as if male youth have been unleashed.

In some countries of Central America, youth gangs terrorize whole cities. And in practically all of Latin America, youth gangs are a power to reckon with on the streets and in non-gated neighborhoods. .

While drug gangs may be less of a problem in India (because drugs are easily available, so there isn't much money in the trade) cliques of adolescent males prowl streets looking for gang rape opportunities.

The underlying problem is the same. Too much testosterone, too much relationships desire in young males, and no approriate outlets.

While in Europe and North America, it is deemed appropriate that females of about the same age are sexually available to young males, this isn't the rule for 80 percent of mankind... those living in Asia, Africa, and South America. If would be considered foolish for 16-year-old girls to have relationships with 16-year-old boys, or even for 19-year-old females with 19-year old males (they aren't men yet). No future in such relationships. The common perception is: let a man be 10 years older, then he has a sense of responsibility, and probably can handle a relationship.

So, what to do with all that excess male sexuality. Disciplining it, would be the classical approach. Even with corporal punishment.

But disciplining is out of fashion, to say the least.

Here at Sumatra Pasak Bumi (tongkatali.org) our approach is herbal. We can increase testosterone with tongkat ali, butea superba, fenugreek, and mucuna pruriens (velvet beans), and we can reduce testosterone with licorice, red glover, soy foods, and mint.

Useless testosterone in young males is a pest. It is responsible for almost 100 percent of all rapes, more than 90 percent of all violence against women, and more than 80 percent of all murders.

We sincerely appeal to all mothers: if you are preparing meals for your sons, do them a favor: dish up soy-based meals, and spice with licorice more than anything else, to reduce their high testosterone levels. And serve water in containers and cups made of bisphenol A. Because at least temporarily, those high testosterone levels have to come down.

Tongkatali.org's Growth hormone and the dream of an indefinite lifespan

By Serge Kreutz

I am convinced that mankind is within reach of achieving an indefinite lifespan for individual members of the species. “Indefinite lifespan” means that an individual will live on and on. Sure, a person can still die in a road accident, or of a viral infection, or being murdered by a jealous “life” partner. But death will not occur just because one has reached the current genetically encoded maximum human lifespan of some 120 to 130 years, or, for that matter, any fixed lifespan.

An indefinite lifespan for individuals is within reach of mankind, but, in my opinion, not within reach for me or any of my contemporaries.

Whether one will live indefinitely or not, will be one of the most important considerations of people who are born in not too distant a future. And when I say, “live indefinitely”, I do not mean the kind of fictitious eternal life promised by Middle Eastern religions that cover much of the globe. I am talking of living indefinitely in this world: to sleep, to eat, to have relationships, to watch television not in the heavens but in Manhattan, Manchester, or Munich.

Whether one will live indefinitely or not, will be one of the most important considerations because, if we arrive at a “yes” as answer to this question, it will change everything.

If I come to the conclusion that whatever I will do in my life, I will be gone after a few more meager years, then my outlook will be fatalistic. I’ll soon be dead anyway, so I rather take in all the pleasure I can have NOW, and then, good-bye, forever.

With such an outlook, relationships satisfaction is the logic primary reason of life. Everything else is subordinate. Every other value in life just appears to be based on illusions. What the heck should I care for future generations? They are not my responsibility. I, as an individual, am only tricked by nature to become a tool in the propagation of the species, which is why I have feelings of love for my offspring. Nature, my enemy, does not care for me as an individual. I am disposable.

So, I spend my time maximizing my relationships satisfaction in the few years I still have. And after that, I will be dead and forgotten (and I couldn’t care less about it).

But if, after much contemplating, I shall arrive at the conclusion that I can achieve an indefinite lifespan, I can postpone everything, even relationships satisfaction. The preservation of my life then becomes the ultimate value. In that case, I have a long-term goal to work for.

I believe that the above evaluation is shared by a majority of ordinary Europeans and Americans, even though it may normally not be articulated. I believe that far fewer people take religions seriously than churches claim members, and I often wonder whether cardinals and bishops (who must be sufficiently intelligent to have made such successful careers) really believe in what they preach. Probably not.

While I myself have decided that an indefinite lifespan is NOT within my reach, I am aware that more and more people have decided to try it anyway. They have come to the conclusion (though they may hesitate to admit it in public) that, even though the odds aren’t in their favor, they dedicate their life to prolonging it as good as they can, in the hope that by the time they are struck by an illness that currently would be terminal, medical science will have found a cure. (Not just a cure for an illness, but, hopefully, a cure against death.)

And you can bet, they buy growth hormone.

If they can afford it.

Among those dedicated to extend their own lives, growth hormone is the champion drug. And it has the right name to go with its reputation. And the price tag also is unrivaled.

For a few years now, growth hormone injections have been touted as a fountain of youth and a cure-all.

Even though it’s a mainstay of the journalistic trade, I am not in the habit of writing articles that just summarize existing research. If I can’t contribute something new, I keep my mouth shut.

I also don’t believe that anybody who is sufficiently interested in the topic will draw information on growth hormone injections only from my article. There are thousands of sites on the Internet that inform on the alleged miraculous effect, low-dose growth hormone injections are supposed to have as a means of rejuvenation. Many of the summarizing articles refer to a 1990 study of Dr. Daniel Rudman and his associates at the Medical College of Wisconsin, published in The New England Journal of Medicine. That study was entitled “Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Men Over Sixty Years Old” and concluded that the injections led to a general improvement of health and strength. Some “so-called” rejuvenation clinics do nothing but inject their clients with growth hormone.

I do not doubt that Dr. Rudman’s study has been done in observance of proper scientific standards, and it certainly was peer-reviewed before it was included in such a renowned scientific publication as the New England Journal of Medicine.

But in my opinion, people draw the wrong conclusions (and these wrong conclusions are propagated by growth hormone salesmen, some with an “MD” after their names). Read the title of the study: ” in Men Over Sixty Years Old”. That injections of human growth hormone have a positive effect on men over 60 doesn’t mean that they improve the sexuality of men under 40 or 50, or that they help build strength in bodybuilders over 20.

I have tried growth hormone injections at an age around 50, before I discovered tongkat ali. I did so after obtaining a prescription from a physician.

The growth hormone injections had no effect on me, even after several months.

I do not know whether the tongkat ali will prolong my life.

But I clearly feel a positive effect from the increased testosterone level, and that is: pronounced libido, great orgasms with powerful ejaculations, better relationships.

And it is reasonable to believe that better relationships will make for life extension.

Because the psychological system (“I feel so good”) definitely moderates the immune system, and with a well-functioning immune system, I will probably live longer.

But even if I don’t: the better relationships already is reward enough.

Tongkat ali and stacking

Minimal dosages of tongkat ali, as commonly sold, have no effect. If you want to avoid higher dosages of a single agent, you should stack herbals with a similar effect.

If you stack relationships enhancement herbals, you may swallow many capsules every day. Should you be worried?


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