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(More than 500 articles about tongkat ali and better physical relationships in general)

Velvet Beans Micronized 1:100 Extract / 100% Organic, (500 grams / 1.10 lbs) Loose Extract Powder

Amazon Australia 139 AUD (Available, 600 grams)

Many plastics are estrogenic - we use a paper bag barrier

Shipped free worldwide (including USA) from Thailand

The order will be shipped from Thailand by airmail or, where available, by ePacket. Tracking is provided. Shipping to most parts of the world takes about two weeks. If more than 1 bottle is ordered to avail of discounts, the bottles are shipped one-by-one about a week apart. This method avoids customs inconveniences. We always guarantee the arrival of a shipment.

If a customer has purchased retail products from us directly for more than 1000 US dollars, he or she is entitled to wholesale privileges and will receive free double quantity on any subsequent purchase.

1 bottle (500 grams / 1.10 lbs), 85 USD

2 bottles (1000 grams / 2.20 lbs), 136 USD

4 bottles (2000 grams / 4.40 lbs), 216 USD

Tongkat ali, mucuna pruriens, and dopamine

Tongkat ali improves relationships because it doesn't just raise testosterone but also improves dopamine tone

For overall relationships enhancement, tongkat ali plus mucuna pruriens is superior to dopaminergics


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Butea superba in sports doping

By Serge Kreutz

Doping in sports has a bad name. But what is doping, and what is not?

Lance Armstrong had testicular cancer that warranted treatment with certain medications. Some of these medications can be used to enhance performance in sports.

Actually, anything that puts an athlete at optimal health is performance enhancing.

Athletes treat infections with antibiotics. The antibiotics certainly help performance by eliminating performance-limiting obstacles.

Athletes of any specialty are typically very health-conscious. Their diets often include vitamins and supplements. And athletes use them for performance-enhancing properties.

What is doping, what is not? The boundary is hard to draw.

Athletes consult physicians on how to bring their bodies into optimal states to win in sports competitions. To ask physicians is an obvious choice. Physicians know human physiology. Physicians prescribe medications to improve or tilt homeostasis specifically for certain sports events. But what is improvement of health, what is doping?

High altitude training enhances the body’s ability to utilize oxygen. Some sports, like long-distance running, is dominated by athletes from high-altitude countries.

And in weightlifting, a stunted growth is often of advantage, and people from ethnicities where stunted growth is more common, tend to dominate.

Or look at Olympic swimmers, especially the women’s competition. Some participants who do well look like having a past of anabolics use. To say the least.

Butea superba enhances health.? And not just that. It enhances hormonal health. But unlike doping with anabolic steroids, butea superba activates the whole hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis.?

The effect is something like genetically derived high testosterone. And that’s beneficial for athletic performance and overall health, and in the mating arena, too.

Will butea superba be detected in anti-doping tests that target steroids use? Probably not. Anti-doping tests typically measure ratios of certain hormones related to the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis.

In a 2008 scientific study named “The effect of butea superba roxb., a Thai traditional medicine, on endogenous steroid levels in males”, conducted by the Department of Pharmacology of the prestigious Thai Mahidol University in cooperation with the Thai National Anti-Doping Centre, it was found that the levels of endogenous steroids were raised, but their ratios were unchanged. Here quotes from the abstact of the study:

“After oral administration of ground Butea superba Roxb. root and tuber, twenty-four hour urines were collected and analysed for endogenous steroids by GC/MS. The amount of LH was also determined in the same sample by fluoroimmunoassay… Elevations of several endogenous steroids were observed after short term administration of Butea superba Roxb. Among these are androstendione, testosterone, estradiol and estriol. The concentration of the glucocorticosteroids, cortisol and tetrahydrocortisol, were unaffected. Slight increase in urinary LH was observed. No significant change in T/DHT, androsterone/etiocholanolone and T/estradiol ratios were observed.”

Butea superba is well established in sports communities that enhance results by pharmacological means. Among scientifically-oriented, steroids-using bodybuilders, butea superba is commonly added to on-cycle stacks to avoid a complete shutdown of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis when using heavy calibers like Trenbolone, and for the purpose of maintaining libido when on “juice”.

Butea superba is also well-established for post-steroid cycle recovery, when there is a definite need to stimulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis to get back to normal hormonal profiles.

However, in sports that qualify for Olympic competition, the use of butea superba has so far been limited. Sure, butea superba isn’t in the a league with performance enhancers such as EPO or standard testosterone.

But a performance improvement of just 5 or 10 percent can make a difference between a medal or no medal. Even 2 percent can.

And butea superba’s function and classification as health supplement, not as drug, is of great advantage.

Butea superba doesn’t cause doping-positive results because hormonal profiles stays in natural delimitations, with natural hormonal ratios.


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Tongkatali.org's Growth hormone

By Serge Kreutz

I have tried almost every medication that has been reported to have relationships side effects. When I achieved no clear relationships effect from testosterone, I even tried female birth control pills. Not recommended.

Information on growth hormone on the Internet typically is of two categories:

1. enthusiastic reports on the use of growth hormone for practically every medical condition on sites that also sell growth hormone

2. critical reports, usually by people who have never tried it.

I have injected about 300 IUs of growth hormone over several months. I know one thing: you can forget it for relationships enhancement.

Tongkatali.org's Youth instead of immortality

By Serge Kreutz

While we are far from engineering immortality, we do, indeed, already have the technology to engineer youth, primarily through cosmetic surgery.

In practical terms, it means that if we, men and women, have a realistic chance to look 30, even when we are double that age, then we will have a completely different perspective in life.

If we cannot appear to be the same age as our 30-year old competitors, we will favor a world in which the relationships market value of younger people is restricted, so that our own value will not diminish too far.

But if we have a realistic chance to maintain a sexually appealing appearance even beyond the fault line at which we would traditionally be viewed as goners, we can favor a world in which the value of older people does not have to be enhanced artificially.

Medical technology has indeed reached a stage at which it is a realistic perspective to maintain an appearance as if we were 30 to well double the age. The key really is cosmetic surgery. Which is why cosmetic surgery has a philosophical, even metaphysical dimension.

Tongkatali.org's Know your enemies, and your allies

By Serge Kreutz

Most men who are either rich, respected, or renowned, or who otherwise have a high relationships market value, have wrong ideas about who their principle enemies are?

Most poor men, or those who otherwise have a low relationships market value, are not so much in danger to become victims of misconceptions about their enemies.

The worst enemies of men with a high relationships market value often are their wives. For men of low relationships market value, wives, typically are not enemies but often even genuine friends (if their wives, too, have a low relationships market value).

For rich men, especially those who marry poor women, wives are enemies because in any conflict, they cannot win. Most rich men lose more wealth to a wife in a single divorce procedure than to robbers or muggers in their whole lives.

And even for rich men who do not go through a divorce, wives, sooner or later, are enemies. These men often are aware that in case of a conflict, they stand to lose a lot, and for this reason, they modify their behavior so that a severe conflict does not arise.

Especially for men who are famous or respected, the options typically are: avoid conflict with your wife and maintain your status and position, or force your freedom and pay for it with having to bear a scandal, and with a loss of your reputation, or career.

In their relationship towards rich men or men who otherwise have a high relationships market value, women often are predators. Their bait is love and relationships satisfaction. And if they have entrapped a prey, they will likely not let him off the hook just like that.

Poor men, and men who otherwise have a low social and relationships market value typically will not realize the predator attitude of women, especially sexually attractive women. Why? Because they are no worthwhile prey. They do not experience entrapping games, because they are not worth to be entrapped.

I am a man, and while, in the above paragraphs, I analyse that for men of high relationships market value, their wives often are their worst enemies, I do not just feel sympathy with those men of high relationships market value who are entrapped by women.

The reason is that, as far as relationships market value ranking is concerned, men always are my competitors. Therefore, those women, who restrict other men of high relationships market value, are my natural allies when, for me, it comes to protecting my own relationships market value.

And thus, I am not biased against predator women, who intend to use their relationships attractiveness to get out of rich men whatever they can.

Rich men, and men of otherwise high social value, have many enemies, not just women looking for worthwhile prey, but also all those men who compete with rich men and men of high social value (in other words: other men who compete to become preferred prey of women with a high relationships market value).

The natural allies of women of high relationships market value are other men: those of lower relationships market value, who are envious of men of high relationships market value. Women targetting rich prey can, and often will, appeal to lesser men whenever they need help against those men they have entrapped.

While for men of high relationships market value, their wives, as well as lesser men, are natural enemies, who are the natural enemies of women of lower relationships market value? The answer is; husbands of higher relationships market value (who may want to desert wives of whom they have grown sexually bored), as well as other females, girls or women, who have a high relationships market value (and may target other women’s husbands for their good value).

All the above considerations can be applied to analysing why Islamic societies are a miserable alternative for females with a high relationships market value, while they hold considerable appeal to those women whose relationships market value has become, or has always been, low.

What women of comparatively low relationships market value (aging, with children) are primarily interested in, is their capability, or right, to maintain hold of that man whom they captured at a time when their own relationships market value was still high.

In this respect, not only men who want to be free are contrary to a woman’s interests but also other (younger, more attractive) women who are after rich and socially valuable men, even if these have already been locked into a relationship.

People in Western societies often believe that all women in Islamic countries should unanimously be in favor of a Western social, and relationships, order. But often, they aren’t.

The reason is that while Islamic societies heavily restrict the opportunities of women with a high relationships market value, it also protects women with a low relationships market value. It does so in that it greatly restricts the relationships opportunities of husbands. Indeed, for most men in Islamic countries, there are fewer options for promiscuity than there are for men in non-Islamic countries. In Islamic countries, women of low relationships market value (married with children) feel a natural affinity to their religion, not just because it provides comfort in face of one’s approaching death, but also because it restricts their husbands from womanizing.

Thus, in many Islamic countries, a large number of women are staunchly pro-Islam, and this is the case even in modern Islamic countries such as Malaysia. They would not be if it were not in their relationships interests.

I have referred earlier in this article to a domain that gives advice to women onhow to entrap a man of high relationships market value.

An important domain that concerns itself with the interests of men is Duncan Rhyne’s www.AsiaLove.org. It provides advice on how Western men who are just of average or rather low relationships market value in their own countries, can enormously boost their relationships market value by relocating to an Asian country where there then new relationships market value qualifies them for relationships of true love and relationships with the best women a country has to offer.

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