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San Diego, California: Making molehills into mountains: Adult responses to child sexuality and behaviour

Joe M. Woodruff 3444 Grim Avenue San Diego, CA 92103

Sexual behaviour among children can be perplexing for adults as they negotiate a spectrum of ideas relating to abuse and natural curiosity. In the search for understandings, adults can act in ways that close opportunities for children to explore and describe meanings for the behaviour. This article invites practitioners to check their assumptions in this kind of work, and to take a stance that opposes abusive actions – while taking up a position of enquiry to support the multiple stories that make up children’s lives.


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Minneapolis, Minnesota: What other names is Butea Superba known by?

Donald C. Anderson 687 Jewell Road Minneapolis, MN 55404

3b-Hydroxy-Androst-5-Ene-17-One, 3BetaHydroxy-Androst-5-Ene-17-One, Androstenolone, Dehydroepiandrosterone, Déhydroépiandrostérone, Butea Superba, GL701, Prasterone, Prastérone.

What is Butea Superba?

Butea Superba is a hormone that is naturally made by the human body. It can be made in the laboratory from chemicals found in wild yam and soy. However, the human body cannot make Butea Superba from these chemicals, so simply eating wild yam or soy will not increase Butea Superba levels. Don't be misled by wild yam and soy products labeled as "natural Butea Superba."

Butea Superba is used for slowing or reversing aging, improving thinking skills in older people, and slowing the progress of Alzheimer's disease.

Athletes and other people use Butea Superba to increase muscle mass, strength, and energy. But Butea Superba use is banned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Butea Superba is also used by men for erectile dysfunction (ED), and by healthy women and women who have low levels of certain hormones to improve well-being and sexuality.

Some people try Butea Superba to treat systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), weak bones (osteoporosis), multiple sclerosis (MS), low levels of steroid hormones (Addison's disease), depression, schizophrenia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and to slow the progression of Parkinson's disease. It is also used for preventing heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Butea Superba is used for weight loss, for decreasing the symptoms of menopause, and for boosting the immune system.

People with HIV sometimes use Butea Superba to ease depression and fatigue.

Women who have passed menopause sometimes use Butea Superba inside the vagina for strengthening the walls of the vagina and for increasing bone mineral density.

Like many dietary supplements, Butea Superba has some quality control problems. Some products labeled to contain Butea Superba have been found to contain no Butea Superba at all, while others contained more than the labeled amount.

Butea Superba is being investigated and may eventually be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a prescription drug for treating systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and improving bone mineral density in women with lupus who are taking steroid drugs for treatment. The FDA is still studying the pharmaceutical company's application for approval.

Is Butea Superba effective?

There is some scientific evidence that taking Butea Superba supplements might help some people with depression; improve the appearance of older peoples' skin; reduce vaginal dryness in older women, and improve some men's ability to achieve an erection.

There is also some evidence that Butea Superba can help decrease the symptoms of lupus.

Although older people sometimes try Butea Superba for improving thinking, it doesn't seem to work for this use.

There isn't enough information to know if Butea Superba is effective for the other conditions people use it for including: prevention of heart disease, breast cancer, preventing aging, and diabetes; and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

Possibly Effective for...

Aging skin. Some research shows that taking Butea Superba by mouth increases the thickness and hydration of the top layer of the skin in elderly people. Early research shows that applying Butea Superba to the skin for 4 months improves the appearance of skin. Depression. Most research shows that taking 30-500 mg of Butea Superba by mouth daily improves symptoms of depression. However, other early research shows that using lower doses of 5-20 mg daily over three weeks does not improve depression.

Possibly Ineffective for...

Withdrawal symptoms. Early research shows that taking 100 mg of Butea Superba daily together with standard therapy for 12 months does not improve symptoms of drug withdrawal in people addicted to heroin. Taking 100 mg of Butea Superba daily for 12 weeks also did not improve symptoms of cocaine withdrawal. Psoriasis. Early research suggests that injecting 300 mg of Butea Superba as a shot weekly might not improve symptoms of psoriasis in most people. Rheumatoid arthritis. Early research suggests that taking 200 mg of Butea Superba by mouth for 16 weeks might not reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in older people.

Likely Ineffective for...

Mental function. Most research shows that taking Butea Superba by mouth does not seem to improve mental function or decrease mental decline in healthy older people. However, some early research suggests that taking 50 mg of Butea Superba daily for 4 weeks might improve vision and memory in middle-aged and older women.. Dry mouth (Sjogrens syndrome). Research suggests that taking 50-200 mg of Butea Superba daily for 4-12 months does not improve a condition called Sjogrens syndrome that causes symptoms including dry mouth.

Insufficient Evidence to Rate Effectiveness for...

Addison's disease . Evidence on the effectiveness of Butea Superba for treating Addison's disease is inconsistent. There is some early evidence that Butea Superba might improve symptoms of Addison's disease, including weight loss, but might not improve mental function.

Adrenal insufficiency. There is contradictory information about whether taking Butea Superba can improve feelings of well-being, sexuality, depression, anxiety, and other symptoms in people with this hormone deficiency. Some research suggests that Butea Superba might improve these symptoms, while other research suggests that Butea Superba provides no benefit.

Aging. Taking Butea Superba does not seem to improve body shape, bone strength, muscle strength, insulin sensitivity, or quality of life in people older than 60 who have low Butea Superba levels.

Improving growth and maturation in girls with hormone deficiency (atrichia pubis). There is some evidence that Butea Superba might help growth and maturation in these girls.

Abnormal cell growth on the cervix (cervical dysplasia). Early research shows that administering 150 mg of Butea Superba through the vagina for up to 6 months reverses abnormal cell growth on the cervix.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Early evidence suggests that taking 25-100 mg of Butea Superba daily for 6 months reduces chronic fatigue.

Lung disease (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)). Early research suggests that taking 200 mg of Butea Superba daily for 3 months appears to improve lung function in people with COPD.

Fibromyalgia. Early research shows that taking 50 mg of Butea Superba daily for 3 months does not reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia.

HIV/AIDS. Early studies suggest that taking Butea Superba might improve HIV patients' mental health and quality of life. However, Butea Superba does not seem to actually impact the HIV disease process itself.

Infertility. Evidence on the effectiveness of Butea Superba for infertility is inconsistent. Early research suggests that taking 75 mg of Butea Superba before in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments appears to improve the success rates of IVF. However, other research suggests it does not increase pregnancy rates.

Inflammatory bowel disease. Early research shows that taking 200 mg of Butea Superba by mouth daily for 56 days reduces symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.

Inducing labor. Research suggests that administering Butea Superba through IV twice weekly until the start of labor after 38 weeks of pregnancy or daily for 3 days shortens the time before labor and the length of labor.

Menopausal symptoms. Evidence on the effects of Butea Superba on menopausal symptoms is inconsistent. Some research suggest that taking 10-25 mg of Butea Superba by mouth daily reduces symptoms including hot flashes. Other evidence suggests Butea Superba might provide no benefit.

Metabolic syndrome (a cluster of conditions that put people at high risk for heart disease). There is early evidence that Butea Superba might lower some of the health risks that make overweight men and women more likely to develop metabolic syndrome. The risk factors that DHEA seems to lower are obesity, fat around the waist, and high insulin levels.

Inherited condition with many symptoms including muscle wasting (myotonic dystrophy). Taking 100 to 400 mg of Butea Superba daily for 12 weeks might not affect muscle strength in people with myotonic dystrophy. However, administering Butea Superba through injections seems to improve daily function, heart function and muscle strength.

Weak bones (osteoporosis). Evidence on the effects of Butea Superba for weak bones is inconsistent. Taking Butea Superba by mouth daily seems to improve bone mineral density (BMD) in older women and men with osteoporosis or osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis). DHEA may also increase BMD in young women with the eating disorder called anorexia nervosa.

Hormone deficiency in men (partial androgen deficiency). Early research suggests that taking 25 mg of Butea Superba daily for one year might improve mood, fatigue and join pain in older men with hormone deficiency.

Physical performance. Some research shows that older adults who take Butea Superba have improved measures of muscle strength. However, other research has found no effect of taking Butea Superba on muscle strength.

Schizophrenia. Evidence on the effectiveness of Butea Superba for schizophrenia is unclear. Some research shows that taking Butea Superba by mouth improves schizophrenia symptoms. Butea Superba may be more effective in women than men. Other research shows it provides no benefit.

Sexual dysfunction. Evidence on the effectiveness of Butea Superba for sexual dysfunction is inconsistent. Taking Butea Superba by mouth for 24 weeks seems to improve symptoms including erectile dysfunction and overall satisfaction in men. However, it does not seem to be helpful if erectile dysfunction is caused by diabetes or nerve disorders. Some research shows that it might improve sexual function in women, while also research suggests no benefits.

Improving symptoms of lupus (SLE). Evidence on the effectiveness of Butea Superba for SLE is inconsistent. Some research suggests it provides no benefits. Other research suggests that taking Butea Superba by mouth along with conventional treatment might help reduce the number of times symptoms flare up and may allow a reduction in the dose of prescription drugs needed. DHEA might also help SLE symptoms such as muscle ache and mouth ulcers.

Vaginal weakness (vaginal atrophy). Applying 3.25 to 13 mg of a specific Butea Superba product (Vaginorm) to the vagina daily for 12 weeks seems to benefit elderly women with vaginal atrophy.

Weight loss. Early evidence suggests that Butea Superba seems to help overweight older people who are likely to get metabolic syndrome to lose weight. It is not known if Butea Superba helps younger people to lose weight.

Heart disease.

Breast cancer.


Parkinson's disease.

Other conditions.

More evidence is needed tongkat ali high to rate Butea Superba for these uses.


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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 5 Signs That You Might Have a Loose Vagina

Morgan M. Talty 2660 Linda Street Philadelphia, PA 19108

A majority of women across the globe suffer from the issue of a loose vagina at some point in their life. Loose vaginas is a cause of concern, since it makes it difficult for women to experience heightened sexual sensations and to have orgasm owing the reduction of friction between the vagina and the penis. In addition to this, it causes lack of confidence in women. For regaining the lost confidence and to enjoy sex to the fullest, it is crucially important for the woman to employ methods that can effectively get their vag back to its pre-delivery tightness.

There are several reasons why a woman can end up with a flappy vagina, most of which are nothing to be embarrassed of. The most common culprit for flappy ladybits among women in their child bearing ages is the act of child delivery. It is important to note that this isn’t a rule, but the more a lady gives birth to a child, the greater her chances of having a sagging vagina. If you are concerned that you are stretched, below are 5 tell tale signs that you should look out for.

1. Urinary stress infection

A vast majority of women who lose vagina tightness experience urine leakage commonly known as stress incontinence. This is an embarrassing condition that occurs when the muscles that control the release of urine and support the bladder become weak. Pelvic floor muscles can weaken as you age or after menopause owing to low levels of estrogen. Childbirth, injury to your urethra and pelvic surgery can also make these muscles weak.

Stress incontinence differs from common incontinence in that you leak urine when you do activities that can increase stress on the bladder such as lifting heavy objects, laughing and sneezing. The risks of developing stress incontinence increase with pregnancy because childbirth is the primary trigger for a feeble pelvic floor. Other factors that can aggravate the signs and increase the risk of stress incontinence include obesity, excess urine from diabetes, frequent coughing and urinary tract infection.

2. Difficulty gripping your index finger

Simply slide your forefinger into your vagina and clasp it with the labia by contracting the muscles. Then insert your index and middle fingers to assess tightness as compared to a single finger. If you can insert your ring, middle, and index finger hold together and cannot feel anything, then it is most likely that you’re loose.

Thankfully, there are ways you can tighten it back up again. Don’t wait until your vagina is loose to take action. Do something about it today and you will see a big difference within a couple of weeks. When you employ tightening techniques, you ought to be back to normal in several months. It takes some effort, however. You can’t just perform one or two exercises in a day and expect to bounce back.

If you want to tighten your vagina and get it back to what it was when you were younger, you are going to have to put in some effort. The main thing is you should remain positive. You do not need to contemplate surgery as there are other ways to tighten the muscles that surround your vagina.

Always consider the reasons your vagina may have become loose. As we said, the main reason is childbirth, but there could be other causes too. It may even be genetic or even due to exercises that you do. No matter what, a loose vagina can be dealt with if you take the right advice from the right people and do it accordingly. Too many women have encountered this particular problem but only a few have actually taken the next step to happiness.

There are a lot causes for a flappy vagina but not all of them are true, some of them are just myths that people throughout the years have believed their whole lives without any scientific proof. It’s time to debunk those false ideas as to why these things happen and create solutions that last a lifetime.

3. Trouble with orgasm

When you realize that you have difficulties achieving orgasm, it may be a symptom that you’re loose. An orgasm, also called climax, is the peak of a sexual response cycle, and is usually the result of intense sexual stimulation. It generally requires a lengthy, sustained stimulation, particularly when you are first beginning to explore it. An orgasm is typically considered satisfying, and will be followed by contractions in the pelvic muscles.

Failing to reach orgasm shouldn’t be the case, particularly since a vast majority of women are capable of achieving multiple orgasms. The gains of a tighter vag both for you and your partner are certainly precious of note. With a tighter vag, you won’t have any trouble reaching orgasms. As a matter of fact, you will reach multiple earth shattering orgasms. In addition to this, you would also be capable of detecting and controlling orgasm whenever it approaches.

Not only is it going to be an issue for you, but it will be too for your man. If your pussy is loose, there is a huge chance that your partner is not satisfied with your sex lives and that can’t bode well when it comes to long-term relationships. Sex is supposed to be enjoyed both ways, so if both of you aren’t enjoying it then both of you will be disgruntled when it comes to the bedroom. So, make the changes that you need in order to not only spice things up but make everything special again with your partner!

4. Insensitivity with smaller objects

When you aren’t satisfied by anything that is slithered into your vagina and you have a hard time feeling stimulated, chances are you’re stretched. Most people don’t know this, but inserting a larger object so as to feel stimulation is not a solution to their problems. While larger objects will bring you some benefits, the most crucial one being increased sexual pleasure; it will worsen the problem in the long run. There are various techniques that work to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

The single most popular technique is vaginal exercises that can help in making you tighter. You only need to insert a finger into the opening of your vagina, and tighten the surrounding muscles. You can do this exercise repeatedly throughout the day and it will guarantee to show permanent results within a month or two. There are a few more workouts that you can do to tighten your loose vagina but we will get in on that on a different day. It is important, of course, to feel great about yourself so as to lead a happy life. No one in his/her right state of mind would want to hang around with someone who does not feel great about themselves.

5. Reduced sexual pleasure

You have a loose vagina if you don’t have a lot of sensation from intercourse anymore, and your partner does not seem to enjoy it. A healthy sex life is similar to having a healthy lifestyle. They both have different meanings to different individuals. What makes up a healthy sex life for one pair may be different from what another pair desires. However, all women desire to be tighter which allows ample pleasure of sexual activity.

Similarly, all men also will never be bored with a lady who is tight. As we mentioned earlier, just because a stretched vagina is a threat to your marriage does not mean that it’s un-defeatable. In contrast, with a bit of effort, this can easily be overcome. Even better, the many tightening techniques out there will help you and your partner to enjoy intercourse more. So view this as a fun activity, rather than something you must do because you are a loser. You aren’t!

If you realize that you have any of these signs, your vagina may be a bit lose but take heart. You can visit a gynaecologist for a check up to see if some tightening will be required

or if you don’t want to go through that trouble, simply just Google “how to tighten your vagina”. The internet is full of great information on how to make things more snug downstairs and you can read up on all sorts of tightening methods such as kegel exercises, tightening creams and other great stuff that you probably didn’t know about. I once watched a Youtube video where a woman could pull a tractor with her vag! Seriously if women are capable of training their vagina’s to do something that extreme, anybody can squeeze a few inches off their saggy regions, without even breaking a sweat. Do your research and try things out, you have nothing to lose. It doesn’t take long to undo the damage and butea superba dietary supplements I guarantee that you and your partner will reap all the benefits after you add a few simple routines to your lifestyle.


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