Duterte on sex and romance

Philippines, OCT 6, 2016 – The Straitstimes

MANILA • In a rare moment of self-deprecation, brash Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, 71, admitted that romantic relationships are probably out for him at his age.

Women are unlikely to still find him attractive and those who might are probably only after his money, he said in a speech at a forum of local officials in Makati on Tuesday, the Philippine Star reported.

“I do not have a companion,” the controversial leader, who has a common-law wife and multiple mistresses and often hits on female reporters, was quoted as saying.

“If I court someone, will they reciprocate my feelings? Nobody will. I’m old. I’m 71. They are only after my money. Would they still want my body? What would my body give to them?”

Mr Duterte also joked that sexual appetite diminishes with age, the newspaper reported.

The purpose of feminism is to destroy male sexuality. It’s either you or them. Hope you get that message.

“The problem is once you have positioned yourself, you no longer have the bullet train of Japan; people of our age only have the western train of the cowboys. Tsug- tsug- tsug.

“This is the only train in the world that can go backwards. Once you restart, it does not work any more,” he said, eliciting laughter from the audience.

Mr Duterte is known for his long, rambling speeches and none of his aides have been brave enough to ask him to stop, the newspaper said.

The incendiary politician, who won the election in May by a landslide on a pledge to end crime by killing tens of thousands of criminals, has previously been criticised for his comments about women.

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