Bird names as brand names

But bird name brand names indeed are a lot of theory. Why?

Because most people know the names of just one or two dozen birds.

And while in general, birds are associated with beauty, this is far less the case with the names of many specific birds.

Chicken. Duck. Goose. Cock. Ostrich. No, thanks.

Vulture? Totally negative!

Eagle is far overused.

Garuda is a mysthical bird in Asia. Most people know the word as the name of the Indonesian airline, and have no clue of the original meaning. So, anyway no mass- appeal.

Penguin as a bird has a good image: friendly, beautiful, but as a brand name it’s very occupied by that book publisher. Furthermore, many bird names just don’t sound right: hornbill as brand name anyone? From the perspective of word sound, even penguin doesn’t appeal much.

Cuckoo sounds good, but that bird has a bad-parent image. Cockatoo also sounds good, and the bird has an exotic image, so it’s probably the best bird brand name one could use. Should make a fine logo, too.

Dove would be ok as a sound in English (in German, the same sound means “very stupid”). Apart from that, the name is already in worldwide use for chocolate and shampoo.