Artificial intelligence, sex drive, and butea superba

Artificial intelligence is as boastful, and idiotic, a term as French garlic philosophy.

Yeah, in France they use garlic to cook fish stew and broil water fowl. They are of the opinion that garlic enhances taste even though it stinks. French quacks also try to convince you that garlic is good for health.

But not every opinion on a spice qualifies as a philosophy.

Artificial intelligence is the same kind of linguistic inflation as garlic philosophy.

But for sure, one thing artificial intelligence is not: it is not intelligent.

Because, what ever way you turn it, artificial intelligence is only electric circuitry. And no amount of complexity can give an electric circuit the quality of life.

Artificial intelligence is electromechanics. Life is chemistry.

Artificial intelligence is mere information processing. Just electrical switching, like the simplest calculator, only more.

But life has an inherent direction to propagate itself. Autonomously. Because chemical reactions happen. It’s not a matter of switching circuits on and off.

All higher form of life are driven by sexuality. Even animal life of barely around 1000 cells, like the roundworm Caesorhabditis elegans, have sexual motivation.

They are a form of life. Supercomputers that direct spacecrafts to Mars or calculate the genetic model of a disease are dead machines.

Supercomputers are not chemistry, they have no motivation, no sexuality.

Sexual motivation is the essence of all higher forms of life, and most certainly of human life. And sexual motivation is driven by the endocrine, hormonal, emotional system of the human body, not the neurological, not the cortical apparatus which indeed is electric.

Sure, you can enhance your life by acquiring more knowledge. We certainly encourage you to pursue a proper education. At universities.

You can also enhance your life by interfering with your endocrine function. Unfortunately, modern educational institutions put no emphasis on that. But you can tap into the traditional knowledge of shamans.

Asian shamans have acquainted modern science with butea superba, a vining plant of Southeast Asian forests.

Shamans, and Buddhist medicine men, have known from stone age in what manners butea superba (kwao kruea daeng in Thai) enhances life.

Sure, shamans typically have limited knowledge of human physiology, or the chemistry of hormones. But through millenia of evolution, they developed a fine sense for the effects of ethnobotanic applications.

Butea superba is a life enhancer because it improves testosterone tone, and thus brings sexual excitement back into the life of people who have experienced a loss of this all-important component of biological, chemical human existence.

No amount of artificial intelligence can match this.


Scientific studies on testosterone enhancing butea superba

There is now robust scientific research into butea superba. In a double-blind placebo controlled study conducted at Thailand’s foremost medical university, Chulalongkorn in Bangkok, the most striking result was an increase in sexual enjoyment and erectile confidence.

Scientific study here

Printscreen of study here


A large number of men who are very good in making money, greatly lack on wisdom on how to spend it. Instead of utilizing their funds to purchase optimal sexual health, and optimal sex, and thereby extend their own lifespan and nurture their karma, they hoard wealth for their children (who will be thankless…‚Äč but take the money anyway), or donate to charities (hahaha). Man, get real. Spend your money on optimal sex, all of it, before you die.


Amazingly enough, butea superba is the only therapeutic agent, herbal or pharmaceutical, that modern science has considered in the context of increasing genital size.

Scientific study here

Printscreen of relevant sentences here


Butea superba extract sharply increases sperm count, thus potentiates the chance of conception for couples who want to have children.

Scientific study here

Printscreen of study here